Miagao Campus only)


The Multimedia section houses the different audiovisual resources of the library. Video tapes, CDs, DVDs, etc. are found in this area. Access to the information stored in this type of materials requires the use of high technology equipment. Computers, LCD projectors, CD ROMs, television sets, etc. are just some of the equipment acquired by the library to its users for the access of these materials.

The use of the multimedia resources is governed by the following conditions:

  • Reservation/Booking must be done three (3) working days before the date of the activity by filling out a reservation slip.
  • Student’s requests and permit for instructional activities must be approved by their respective dean/director.
  • Personal VCD/DVD of faculty member/student to be used for instruction shall be submitted before the scheduled activity for previewing of the Media-in-charge.
  • Multimedia presentation shall only be allowed in the Media Room with the presence of the faculty member/adviser or designated representative with the assistance of the media-in-charge.
  • Notice of postponement/cancellation shall be forwarded to the Media-in-Charge at least one (1) day before the scheduled activity.
  • All media equipment is strictly for room use only.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed inside the Media room.
  • Use of media facilities and resources are free of charge.