Electronic Resources

The electronic resources of the University Library include research databases, online journals, and electronic book collections that require a computer or mobile device to access. The library purchases or maintains subscriptions to resources that support the curriculum and supplement the library collection as the budget allows.


  • Online Databases

    Online databases/resources are internet-based equivalents of books, articles, pictures, movies, games, activities, and homework. These resources are digital and available over the Internet. Formats include web documents, audio files, images, videos, animations, word processing documents and others.

  • Plagiarism Checker

    The University Library subscribes to the software “Turnitin”. It is a plagiarism-checker that helps researchers and writers to compare their work against the industry-leading database of content to detect plagiarism.

    Turnitin is accessible via the UP Visayas Learning Management System (UPV-LMS), specifically for faculty/Instructor use only. Students utilize the software to submit their papers/documents/articles to their Faculty/Instructor restricted via the assignment created only.

  • Digital Files

    A digital file is a document that is saved in a computer system and is identified by a file name. The document is paperless in its original form and can be viewed only using an electronic device.