The University Library


The U.P. Visayas University Library is composed of six (6) unit libraries located in Miagao, Iloilo City, and Tacloban.  The College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences (CFOS)/School of Technology (SoTech) and the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Libraries are located in Miagao Campus, while the College of Management (CM), the High School, and the Graduate Libraries are situated in Iloilo City Campus. The UPV Tacloban College also has its own college library.

Although these libraries are situated in different locations, each plays a significant role in the UPV community.  They all support and serve the different programs of study and research of the respective units to which they are attached to.



The library envisions itself as a premier library in the region, providing quality and convenient access to information resources and services, both in print and electronic media, in the field of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, as the university’s flagship course, as well as in the Arts and Social Sciences.



The University Library commits to ensure that the UPV community and all its clients shall be provided with excellent delivery of information resources and services, either in print or electronic media, through the aid of modern technology and facilities that support their academic and research needs. It shall promote easy and convenient access to information in all areas of studies, especially in the field of fisheries and ocean sciences.



  • Access
  • Service
  • Integrity



  • Provides a collection of information resources that will meet all the curricular, research, and extension needs of UP Visayas;
  • Organizes, monitors, and evaluates library resources and services to ensure the effective and efficient utilization of funds available;
  • Maintains the collection in usable physical conditions and conserve the materials for future generation clients;
  • Provides facilities and equipment for the storage and use of information resources; and
  • Strengthens collaboration and linkages with both local and international libraries.





The UPV University Library was first established as early as April 1947, requested by the founding dean of U.P. Iloilo College (UPIC), Dr. Tomas S. Fonacier, in preparation for the opening of UPIC on July 1947, which was known today as the UPV College of Arts and Sciences (UPV-CAS).  As early as April 1947, Dean Fonacier requested a university library to help in preparation of the list of books for the college library, and at the same time, requested to nominate a librarian.  It was just only until about the beginning of the second semester when Mrs. Soledad Mandac-Eugenio was finally nominated and appointed.

The College Library was located in the former Municipal Court Room of Iloilo City.  It had then a maximum seating capacity of about one hundred students.  Behind the Court room, provisions were being made for book stacks with an estimated capacity of about 20,000 volumes of books.  The library’s initial collection was 522 volumes of books, 8 newspaper and 73 magazines.  In 1967, a mezzanine was built to accommodate more space for the students and in 1969, another room was offered to the library to provide additional space.  The court room and the Lozano Hall were utilized to the fullest.

As the college grew in terms of its academic programs, so did the library.  Improvements of the quarter was made through several re-arrangements of several desks and work areas.  Room 22 of the Main Building, a classroom then, was converted into a Technical Services Section in 1983 where new acquisitions were being received and processed.

From 1947 to 1971, the College Library also serviced the needs of the High School students.  It was in 1971 when the high school collection was transferred in a separate library quarter and a librarian was assigned to take care both collections and services.

On October 30, 1981, with the operationalization of the University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV) as an autonomous unit of the UP System, the College of Fisheries Library in Diliman became a unit of the UPV University Library.  An 800 sq. m.  split –level library museum was constructed in the new campus in Miagao, Iloilo.

In July 1987, the Brackish Aquaculture Center (BAC) Library in Leganes was re-organized in order to better serve the needs of the College of Fisheries Program in Iloilo.

The College of Fisheries Library in Miagao became operational in June 1988 and materials from Iloilo City and Diliman were gradually organized and transferred to Miagao, in time for the start of the classes.

At the end of 1989, The Main Library in Iloilo City was serving the needs of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS).  School of Development Management (SDM), School of Technology and Environmental Resources (STER) and the Graduate School.  It was also the seat of the technical services for the entire UPV Libraries.

In 1990, with the transfer of some of the division of the College of Arts and Sciences in Miagao Campus, it started the operation of the Library-Museum in Miagao, and eventually the transfer of staff from Iloilo City Campus to Miagao Campus in the following years.

UP Cebu Library (formerly UPV Cebu Library) was once part of the university library until the elevation of the UPV Cebu as a constituent university on October 2016.

Currently, the University Library consist of a main library  and six (6) unit libraries located in three locations:  Iloilo City, Miagao, and Tacloban.  The main library is located in Miagao Campus, together with the two (2) unit libraries: the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Library, and the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences (CFOS) Library, which also hosted the collection the School of Technology.  Three (3)  unit libraries is located in the Iloilo City Campus: the College of Management (CM) Library, High School Library, and Graduate Library.  The Archive Section was also in the Iloilo City Campus.  The other unit library is the UPV Tacloban College (UPVTC) Library, which is located in Tacloban.


- University Librarian -


SOLEDAD M. EUGENIO - College Librarian (1947-1954)

ALICIA C. BETITA -  College Librarian (1954-1955)

LILIA E. TABALDO - College Librarian (1956-1976)

TERESITA R. LEDESMA - University Librarian (1976-2007)

ANA T. MONES - University Librarian (2008-2015)

ANALIZA G. LINAUGO - University Librarian (2016 - present)