Roles and Responsibilities of Library Personnel


Based on the University Library Organic Act and University Library Rules and Regulations (BOR approved, 1039th meeting, 14 March 1991), the following are the roles and responsibilities of the Library Personnel:


The University Librarian

There shall be a University Librarian in each Constituent University who shall serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the University Library and shall be appointed from among the professional librarians of the constituent universities for a term of three years without prejudice to reappointment, by the Board of Regents upon the recommendation of the Chancellor and nomination by the President.

  1. Supervise the University Library;
  2. Serve as Ex-Officio University Archivist;
  3. Formulate a library and archives development program;
  4. Recommend or endorse to the Chancellor all personnel actions in consultation with the Dean and the library personnel committee;
  5. Ensure cooperation among and complementation of library services networks;
  6. Enforce library rules and regulations in the university library and after due process;
  7. Transmit to the Chancellor all communications with comments or recommendations affecting library linkages, donations or gifts, and similar matters received by the University Library; and
  8. Issue implementing guidelines as may be necessary for the proper functioning of the library.


The College Librarian-In-Charge

The College Library shall be headed by a College Librarian who shall be nominated by the University Librarian in consultation with the Dean concerned from among the professional librarians of the constituent university.

The College Librarian shall be appointed by the Chancellor for a term of three years without prejudice to re-appointment. The College Librarian shall be invited to all college committee meetings and meetings of faculty committees involving library policies, programs, and services.

  1. Manage the College Library
  2. Perform technical services
  3. Develop and maintain the collection and services pertinent to the college’s field of specialization in cooperation with the faculty, staff, and students
  4. Ensure that all library resources acquired by college properly recorded in the college library’s accessions in accordance with the guidelines approved by the University Library Council
  5. Participate in the programs of the University Library
  6. Enforce library rules and regulations in the College Library and after due process, impose appropriate penalties
  7. Recommend to the University Librarian personnel action pertaining to library staff in the college library
  8. Recommend to the Dean in consultation with the University Librarian building plans and improvement of College library facilities
  9. Issue implementing guidelines as may be necessary for the proper functioning of the college library


College Librarian/ Librarian

The College Librarian/ Librarian assists in effectuating services and operations of a library unit and acts as its subject specialist reference librarian. He/She performs duties focused on providing access to library collections, involved in students’ bibliographic instruction and is directly engaged in the processing of library materials.

  1. Prepare guides, bibliographic information and other user education materials
  2. Collaborate with the College and library staff in planning of new projects and work initiatives
  3. Provide reference and research assistance to faculty, students, staff, and other library users
  4. Implement and execute approved changes in library system and procedures
  5. Respond to requests for information in print, and a wide variety of electronic resources
  6. Maintain library database and social media accounts
  7. Perform other complex clerical and/or technical duties assigned by the College Librarian-in-charge and University Librarian.




  • Acquisitions Librarian

    The Acquisitions Librarian performs technical and administrative tasks related to purchasing library materials and maintaining timely access to library collection.

    • Assist in controlling the libraries’ book fund and special funds
    • Prepare reports on allotment and maintaining files and statistics of documents/materials processed
    • Receive and process material requests recommended by Unit Libraries by canvassing, ordering, verifying prices of materials, monitoring opening canvass of quotation, and posting details of documents in PHILGEPS and UIS
    • Monitor and follow-up payments related to acquisition of library materials
    • Prepare and process purchase vouchers, invoices, memo receipts and reports for inspection
    • Perform other functions assigned by the University Librarian


  • Reference and Information Services Librarian

    The Reference Librarian is a subject generalist providing full range of reference and research assistance to a diverse clientele of faculty, students, researchers, and staff.

    • Assist users by answering reference questions and other queries, and guides them with the use of the card and online catalogs, indexes, and databases
    • Provide current awareness services through website and official Facebook Page
    • Orient clienteles with library rules and regulations, and conducts lectures or online instructions on library resources, bibliographic/research techniques, etc.
    • Compile bibliographies and other related materials to support users’ instruction and research
    • Gather library materials to be used for media production, presentations, and library exhibits
    • Coordinate with other institutional libraries and perform document delivery service
    • Perform other functions assigned by the University Librarian


  • College Librarian / Librarian Assigned To Archives Section

    The College Librarian / Librarian assigned to the Archives Section assists the University Librarian in archives management. He/She is responsible for the preservation and organization of the UPV’s historical documents and memorabilia to create heritage research collections relevant to UPV’s objectives.

    • Arranging archives through transfer, donation, deposit and/or sale
    • Arrange, assign description, preserve, and conserve archival materials
    • Maintain and update archival database
    • Provide access to archival materials
    • Promote the Archives by putting up exhibits of archival records and creating brochures and other marketing materials
    • Perform other functions assigned by the University Librarian.



Administrative Officer

The Administrative Officer acts as the point of contact of all library personnel. He/She manages and coordinates administrative support functions for the University Library. This task entails a wide variety of responsibilities including preparation of reports on budget and expenditures, personnel administration, and other administrative matters.

  1. Responsible for managing/supervising a variety of administrative functions primarily relating to personnel, budget administration, property and supply management, computer services, physical plant essential to the direction and operation of the University Library
  2. Prepare official correspondence, memoranda and other issuances related to fiscal and administrative matters
  3. Supervise administrative aspects: personnel, property, physical maintenance, operational and fiscal matters, records; implement policies and regulations
  4. Review and evaluate the performance of staff
  5. Certifies as to the correctness and completeness of all official documents (e.g. clearance, appointments, basic papers, time cards, CRA, PES/IPCR ratings, etc.)
  6. Disseminate policies affecting library personnel and conducts orientation whenever necessary for the implementation of the policies
  7. Perform other functions assigned by the University Librarian.


Library Support Staff

The Library Support Staff offers specialized expertise in effectuating library services and operations and performs other functions assigned by the College Librarian-in-charge and University Librarian. The Library Support Staff is classified into three categories according to the nature of duty:

  • Library Assistants

    - responsible for general clerical operation in the library. They are skilled library paraprofessionals tasked to perform routine functions in the library.

  • IT Support Staff

    - performs preventive maintenance of IT equipment used in library operations and assists in selecting and purchasing IT equipment/supplies.

  • Administrative Staff

    - mainly performs administrative and accounting functions for the University Library as well as secretarial support to the management and staff of the library.


Dean’s Responsibilities over the College Library

The Dean shall have the following responsibilities over the College Library, namely:

  • Recommend the promotion and other personnel actions concerning the College Librarian, in consultations with the College Library Committee, and the University Librarian;
  • Assist in the evaluation of performance of the College Librarian; and
  • Provide budgetary allotment for library operation and maintenance, such as binding, supplies and materials, equipment and physical plant, including special funds for collection development.


College Library Committee
(Organic Act 1992, Sec. 9)

This became inactive after Chancellor Minda Formacion’s administration.  The Committee back then gives approval for all faculty book purchase requests, consolidated per college before forwarding to the University Library and subject to action of the Acquisitions Librarian.  Currently, only the CFOS observes some of the functions of the Committee, yet never was the College Librarian involved during their meetings.

There shall be a College Library Committee to be constituted by the Dean of the College in consultation with the College Librarian. It shall be composed of at least 3 members who are representatives of the academic departments or division programs of the College, one student representative and the College Librarian who shall serve as member-secretary. It shall have the following functions:

  • Recommend the acquisition of books, periodicals, and other library materials based in the needs of the College to ensure a well-balanced collections development program;
  • Adopt policies consistent with university rules and regulations to meet the College’s needs;
  • Assist in acquiring additional library resources including funds, books, equipment, etc; and
  • Serve as a link between the library and the faculty or staff of the College.


Disposal And Appraisal Committee

To create Disposal and Appraisal Committee


Library Disaster and  Safety Committee

See Library Disaster and Safety Committee