Bridging Disciplines: Chemistry As The Catalyst For Sustainable Innovation
Engage with experts and gain insights into how integrating diverse disciplines, including the role of Al, can drive progress in the field of chemistry, fostering green and sustainable innovation.
Chemistry in a Multidisciplinary World: Expanding the Impact Potentials of Your Discovery
Panelists from this webinar will share tips and strategies for maximizing your discoveries' research and impact while
Taylor & Francis Webinars June2023
See Taylor & Francis June 2023 Webinar Series
Excellence in Writing and Publishing in Scopus Indexed Journals
This seminar would be an opportunity to interact with the researchers & faculty
IOP Publishing Academy: How to Get Your Articles Published in Academic Journals
IOP Publishing sponsored webinar
Making better decisions with Web of Science data: InCites and APIs
Clarivate sponsored webinar
Connecting the Dots: Integrating preprints into the research ecosystem
Clarivate sponsored webinar
Systematic Reviews in Evidence Based Medicine
Clarivate sponsored webinar
JoVE Webinar: UP Visayas
Free webinar, refresher course on how to access JoVE


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