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How to Access ASFA and ProQuest


The Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA) Bibliographic Database is the principal information product produced through the cooperative efforts of the international network of ASFA Partners and a commercial ASFA Publisher. The database contains more than 2,500,000 bibliographic references to the world's aquatic science literature accessioned since 1971.ASFA

ProQuest provides subscription access to enormous collections of premium journal contents and dissertations. Explore the following databases: ProQuest One Academic (contains four (4) ProQuest’s multidisciplinary products: ProQuest Central, Academic Complete, Academic Video Online, and ProQuest Dissertation & Theses Global); Coronavirus Research Database; and Publicly Available Content Database.

Both ASFA and ProQuest can be accessed remotely (
outside the campus or at home) through login, using its respective username and password. Since ASFA and ProQuest can be both accessed via the ProQuest platform,, you need to log-out first the other database in order to access the other.

ASFA Database

 ProQuest Database


How to Logout ProQuest or ASFA

  1. Click the human-like icon in the upper right corner

  2. Click “Exit ProQuest”

  3. Click “Exit”

  4. Click “Go to Login Page”

  5. You will be directed to the login page


Other Ways to Access ProQuest

Unlike ASFA, ProQuest can be accessed, not only by login, but also via OpenAthens and IP Access. But please note that you need to log-out first your ASFA if you want to access ProQuest. Once the ASFA is still active, even if you login via OpenAthens or IP Access, when you open, you will be directed to the ASFA database and not on ProQuest.

Access via OpenAthensTo access ProQuest via OpenAthens, you need to login in OpenAthens and click ProQuest under the Resources. Click here to know how to login in OpenAthens.

Access via the linkYou may also click the icon below and login using your UP email: 

IP AccessYou can access ProQuest without logging in on the database, as long as you are connected to or using the UPV’s internet connection (e.g. within campus). To access ProQuest via IP Access:

  • Connect your device to the UPV’s internet connection
  • Open ProQuest website,
  • For first time login, you will be prompted to choose what access will be used, either UP Diliman or UP Visayas. Since you are accessing within the campus, we recommend you select UP Diliman so that you may also access the Ebook Central.

  • If you will not be prompted with the Selecting Option and directed inside the database itself, please know what access you have signed in:
    UP Visayas Access:

    UP Diliman Access:

    If you have signed in under the Diliman Access, then it’s better since you will be able to access Ebook Central.

    However if you have signed in under Visayas Access, we recommend that you log-out and sign in under the Diliman Access so that you may access Ebook Central. Please see How to Logout ProQuest or ASFA.

  • After you logout the Visayas Access, open this link, and when prompted with Select an Account Option, please select UP Diliman.


Please Note. 

  • You can only access ProQuest (UP Diliman Access) if you are connected to UPV's internet connection. If you are outside the campus or at home, you can only access ProQuest (UP Visayas Access), which does not have an Ebook Central database. In order to access Ebook Central at home, you need to login in OpenAthens and click Ebook Central under Resources. (Please click here to login in OpenAthens).