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Database Name Access/Login Type Expiration Date  Remote Access  30 June 2021
Comic Plus  Remote Access  30 June 2021
Arts Film  IP Access  26 June 2021 
World Dissertations Library (WDL)  Remote Access  31 August 2021 

Royal Society Journals:

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society series A

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society series B

Proceedings of the Royal Society series A

Proceedings of the Royal Society series B

Biology Letters

Journal of the Royal Society Interface

Interface Focus

Notes & Records

Open Biology

Royal Society Open Science

To search all journals, go to:

 IP Access  1 August 2021
BioOne  IP Access  

Nature Online and Annual Reviews:

IGI Global Gateway Access:

Nature Online:

Annual Reviews:

 IP Access  3 July 2021 
Odilo  Signup Access Code  2 July 2021
Oxford Journal  Access via OpenAthens  16 August 2021
Mary Ann Liebert  Access via OpenAthens  20 July 2021
Statista  Access via OpenAthens  30 June 2021
MIT Press  Access via OpenAthens  30 June 2021


> Leisure Tourism
> Global Health
> Environmental Impact

 IP Access  30 June 2021
Wiley  IP Access  
BBC Research  IP Access  3 July 2021
Bloomsbury Products  IP Access  23 June 2021  
Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts 
Bloomsbury Architecture Library + Architecture Design + Practice Online 
Bloomsbury Cultural History
Bloomsbury Design Library
Bloomsbury Philosophy Library
Bloomsbury Fashion Central
Bloomsbury Fashion Video Archive
Bloomsbury Food Library
Bloomsbury Medieval Studies
Bloomsbury Popular Music
Churchill Archive
Drama Online
Fairchild Books Interior Design  Library
Human Kinetics Library (full platform)
Screen Studies (full platform)
Theology and Religion Online



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