Sage Journal Premier contains high-quality, peer-reviewed, and interdisciplinary journals. Click here for a complete list of journals.

Trial access is until November 2021.


How to Access SAGE Journal Premier

Sage Journal is accessible via this link: However, an activated account (username and password) is needed to access the trial.

Steps on How to Register in SAGE Journals

      1. Click here to register or go to this link:
      2. Fill in the needed information: Email and Password; Personal Information; etc.

        For the "INSTITUTION" field, please put "University of the Philippines Visayas"

      3. Click Submit if all information is filled in

      4. If successful, you should see this:

      5. Go to email to compete and complete the step

Once you have completed the registration, login to SAGE first, then login to OpenAthens to activate remote access.


How to Activate Trial Access

  1. Login first in the SAGE Journal Homepage: or make sure you have already logged in

  2. Login to OpenAthens and click the button to activate SAGE journal access

  3. Once successfully activated, you should see this notice: Claim Token

Now, you have successfully activated your trial access to SAGE Journals Premier. You can confirm activated trial access to SAGE Journals Premier by logging in SAGE, and see this:

or phrase "Access through University of the Philippines Visayas" when you click "My Profile"