About the UPV University Library




The University Library of the UP Visayas consists of one (1) Main Library and seven (7) Unit Libraries: College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Library, College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences (CFOS) Library, College of Management (CM) Library, Graduate Library, High School Library, Brackishwater Aquaculture Center (BAC) Library, and UPV Tacloban College (UPVTC) Library.

To provide information resources and services that enhance knowledge and uphold the functions of UPV as a world class university, forefront of education and research development

• Access
• Service
• Integrity

• Provides a collection of information resources that will meet all the curricular, research, and extension needs of UP Visayas;
• Organizes, monitors, and evaluates library resources and services to ensure the effective and efficient utilization of funds available;
• Maintains the collection in usable physical condition and conserves the materials for future generation clients;
• Provides facilities and equipment for the storage and use of information resources; and
• Strengthens the collaboration and linkages with both local and international libraries


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